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Nazca – Cerro Blanco sandboard

El inicio de la Aventura

Cerro Blanco sandboard

Our Tour to the Cerro Blanco Dune and Sandboarding takes you to conquer the top of the highest dune in the world (2080m). If you are interested in living a unique and exciting experience, you must accept the challenge of climbing this great white sand dune and participate in a fantastic adventure that combines trekking, impressive landscapes and lots of fun practicing sandboarding. Cerro Blanco Dune is the perfect destination  for adventure and extreme sports lovers.

It will take us around 3 hours to reach the top. Once we have conquered the top of Cerro Blanco, we will take a well-deserved rest. The tour lasts approximately six hours.

We will start practicing in one of the many dunes at the top, here our guide will teach us how to use the board and some styles that are fun. Once we have practiced enough we will slide down the largest dune. The length of the last slope is approximately 700 meters. Time sliding on the board is approximately one hour.

At the end of our great jump, we will arrive at the edge of the dune and from there we will have to walk for about 1 hour to the vehicle will be waiting for us in order to go back to Nazca city .


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